Wing Walk 2024

Our second iteration of the Wing Walk for Stevie Stones took place at Rencombe Airfield on 9 Apr 2024. Volunteers this year included a couple of returnees who could complete the advanced flight involving daring stunts such as barrel roll, loop the loop and escalated flight ceiling – bravery! We also had some fresh faces […]

Helping you to help us!

At Stevie Stones we are always in need of support to ensure that we are always ready and able to meet the needs of our service users. We know from our experiences that headstones are simply out of reach to a lot of parents who lose their children due to the costs involved. Sustaining our […]

3 Peaks Challenge!

In June, Stevie Stones Trustee Mike Graham will be leading a small band of our charity supporters on an epic challenge to conquer the 3 largest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales. This is no mean feat and requires serious dedication and determination. None of the participants are avid outdoorsmen but they have all expressed […]

Wing Walk 2024

In 2024 Stevie Stones will once again be hosting a Wing Walk to raise funds and showcase the bravery of our supporters! The 2023 inaugural event was a resounding success with over £10,000 raised by participants. If you would like to participate then please let us know. There are limited places available and we have […]

Cardiff Half Marathon

Massive thanks to our wonderful supporters from 74 Company based in Newport. On 2 October the team from 74 Company undertook a half marathon in Cardiff to raise money for Stevie Stones. Whilst any fundraising feat and endurance event is noteworthy, we think it is fair to say that the participants of this event were […]

Fundraising Update: Wing Walk

In our March update we outlined forthcoming fundraising activity including potential marathon running, hill climbing and the inaugural Stevie Stones Wing Walk! Our lovely supporters have been busy raising the money needed to secure the aircraft and use of the airfield for the day, which promises to be an action packed day out for all. […]

February Update: Awards Nomination; Fundraising Efforts and Supporting Amy

Hello all and thank you for taking the time to visit Team Stevie Stones. On the back of the fantastic news regarding our official registration in December, events have continued at a pace. We have applied for a community account with Co-Op Bank and await their details to allow us to plug in to a […]

We are official!

Registering a charity is not an easy undertaking and trying to do that in the wake of a life changing event like losing a child can be difficult. However, the trustees at Stevie Stones were not deterred and have now received confirmation from the Charity Commission that registration has been achieved. A few more things […]

Sounds Omazing Charity Sound Bath

On 2 November our friends at Sounds Omazing provided a unique experience in the form of a Sound Bath. The experience takes participants on a relaxing journey of sound therapy which helps to calm the mind and may benefit anybody who struggles to keep their thoughts in check. Equally as important the wonderful Shelley also […]

Stevie’s Birthday Week

In 2021 Stevie didn’t quite make it to her fourth birthday. At the time her parents had already purchased a number of gifts for Stevie which they packaged up and distributed across Worcester so that other children might enjoy them. Since then the Graham’s have launched this charity and repeated this act with support from […]