Sounds Omazing Charity Sound Bath

On 2 November our friends at Sounds Omazing provided a unique experience in the form of a Sound Bath. The experience takes participants on a relaxing journey of sound therapy which helps to calm the mind and may benefit anybody who struggles to keep their thoughts in check.

Equally as important the wonderful Shelley also donated all ticket proceeds to Stevie Stones to help both raise the profile of the charity and provide much needed support to our service users.

The event was hosted by the team at Blue Lodge Spiritualist Church at Chawson Barns, Droitwich and our thanks go to Sam and Liz for their help in getting this event booked in.

Stevie Stones will certainly be looking to Sounds Omazing for events in the future – please keep an eye on the webpage and join our Facebook group for further detail.

If you have an idea for a fundraising event, please do speak to us at Stevie Stones at [email protected]

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