Wing Walk 2024

Our second iteration of the Wing Walk for Stevie Stones took place at Rencombe Airfield on 9 Apr 2024.

Volunteers this year included a couple of returnees who could complete the advanced flight involving daring stunts such as barrel roll, loop the loop and escalated flight ceiling – bravery!

We also had some fresh faces into the group which included long time supporters Gary and Simon. Both of these guys agreed to do this knowing that significant effort had to be put in before any flight suit could be zipped up. There are height/weight considerations to be able to safely place yourself into the frame atop the aircraft used. Both Gary and Simon undertook incredible weight loss to do this for us and Stevie Stones cannot thank you guys enough for both doing the Wing Walk but also adjusting your entire lives to ensure that you could.

Newcomers Helen and Craig also tasted the Wing Walk for the first time. They both undertook a whole range of fundraising efforts which were incredible. They managed to raise a huge amount for our cause through innovative and brilliant activities which also spread awareness of our work across the country. Helen kindly offered to share her video of the wing walk to give you a perspective of how it looks from the air! Thank you both for your dedication to this event.

Glen is a long time supporter of our work and knew Stevie through his partner Rosemary who works at the award winning Little Lodge Nursery. They leveraged the network of tiny people and their parents to do some innovative fundraising and help to keep Stevie’s name going at her favourite place. Glen also completed the first Wing Walk in 2023 so was able to do the advanced flight which takes some serious courage to contemplate.

Finally thank you to Charlie for stepping in a the last minute; Jess for your tireless work and Tom and the whole team at Stonemasons of Worcester for your continued support.

We will do it all again in 2025 – dates to be confirmed.

Get in touch at [email protected] if you are interested in doing the Wing Walk in 2025.

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