Helping you to help us!

At Stevie Stones we are always in need of support to ensure that we are always ready and able to meet the needs of our service users. We know from our experiences that headstones are simply out of reach to a lot of parents who lose their children due to the costs involved. Sustaining our work is absolutely vital and we can only do that through the wonderful contributions of our supporters.

Money is vital; but there are so many other ways you can help.

You could be a social media rising star looking for experience – we need your help to broaden our reach.

You could be looking to volunteer to enhance your CV – we have plenty of varied work which needs doing.

You could be looking to do some fundraising and challenge yourself – we always need income to help our service users.

You could run a business and are looking to gain exposure through sponsorship – we need your help to put on events.

You could have access to gifts, memorabilia or experiences – we need your contributions to auction.

None of these things could apply to you, however, finding our social media channels and liking and sharing the content will also hugely help.

There is always something you can do. Want to know more? Contact any of the team at [email protected]

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