Litter Pick

Today the Stevie Stones founders and brilliant supporters took part in the very slightly delayed litter pick. The concept was born on the first birthday after Stevie passed when Barri and Naomi decided to clear up litter at one of Stevie’s favourite parks. The team at Little Lodge Nursery, where Stevie attended, always chip in […]

Installations and Ongoing Support

We love writing about the great work that people are doing to fundraise or support our charity. This helps us to support parents when they need us the most. Since we have founded we have helped dozens of people to ensure that their children can be remembered and provide a memorial or something similar. We’ve […]

March Update: Installations

We want nothing more to help parents in the most desperate of situations. Nothing can compensate for the loss of a child; however, the opportunity to have a focal point and a place to visit to progress your acceptance is vital. That is why we founded our charity and invoked our daughters name to support […]

Working with CVS: Christmas Toy Drop

nspired by our Toy Drop in Worcester during Stevie’s birthday week in November our wonderful partners at CVS Droitwich asked if they could replicate this using donated toys on Christmas Eve. Maria Dunn, from CVS said “Once we saw what you did with the toy drop, we were moved by your story and wanted to […]

Stevie Stones: Helping the parents of Carter

On the first anniversary of the passing of our beloved daughter Stevie we paid a visit to Astwood Cemetery in Worcester where she is laid to rest. Within a plot of the cemetery reserved for children Stevie is buried and memorialised by a wonderful stone prepared for us by Stonemasons of Worcester. The stone captures […]